We need to put that phone down some time. Nowadays, many parents are becoming negligent in taking care of their children as they are being distracted with unimportant things—like their smartphones.
A two-year-old boy’s life was cut short after his head was crushed by a car getting out from the parking space. The boy’s mother was apparently busy ‘playing’ with her smartphone that she didn’t notice her son was about to get hit by the car.

The mother was hysterical and in tears after she lost her son because of her negligence.

The small boy was walking behind his mother outside Zhengzhou New World Shopping Mall, when the white Hyundai SUV pulled away from its parking space. Medical personnel rushed to save the boy—but it was too late.
The police arrested the driver and are still investigating on the matter.
Your smartphone can be replaced any time, but a life lost cannot be returned.


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