No one knew why they gathered there. But when the words of the song everyone knew came out of their mouths, everything felt right. Gorgeous harmonies come from the four men, and from floor to ceiling, the room was filled with a heavenly air. Every Wednesday, Anthem Lights posts the beloved hymns that everyone knows, and get fantastic responses for the way they bring them to life.

But when they recorded this hymn medley, no one saw it coming. You are not hearing just one hymn, but suddenly, they all join mixing verses of multiple hymns as if it was meant to be sung that way. They effect is absolutely beautiful!
The band has been together long enough to know exactly how to harmonize as one voice. They are young, but they have immense talent in raising their voices and presenting uplifting music to the public. Don’t miss this gorgeous sound that will bring you chills in the video below!
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[H/T:I Just Love This]


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