Look at Mr. Clean, smiling triumphantly. He knows he's about to school you on cleaning just about anything with his Magic Eraser.

While you might think it's just good for scrubbing kitchen counters and bathroom tiles, you couldn't be more wrong.

1. Detail your car and remove paint scuffs. (No one will ever know you grazed a pole in the Taco Bell drive-thru.)

2. You can also use the eraser to restore headlights that have seen one-too-many bugs.

3. They help make your craft mats good as new.

4. Exfoliate your skin -- but be sure to only use the eraser without cleaning ingredients in it!

5. Clean your helmets and no one will ever be able to tell you got tackled.

6. You can even make beautiful art with these things!

7. Cut them into small pieces and use them to clean fingerprints and dog slobber off your car windows.

8. Keep your kicks clean without messy shoe-cleaning chemicals.

9. Clean off label and sticker residue without using a smelly solvent.

10. Combine with rubbing alcohol to get rid of permanent marker stains on your walls and furniture.

11. Clean all the plastic parts in your washing machine, because they probably need it.

12. Get all that makeup and hair dye off of your vanity counters.

13. Mark wine glasses with permanent marker, then use the Magic Eraser to clean them off. Brilliant!

14. Get rid of nasty grease stains on your laptop.

15. Give your purses and makeup bags new life. They'll look brand-new.

16. Clean your turntable needles without breaking them, so you can keep the jams flowing.

17. Get all that hair product gunk off of your heat styling tools.

18. If your sliding glass doors don't slide as smoothly as they used to, Magic Eraser has your back.

19. Make the neighbors think you got new siding.

20. Maintain your boat, because honestly, we're all tired of partying on dirty yachts.

Now, if only Mr. Clean could find a way to erase my hatred of cleaning.


Not intended for use with cats.


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