Joe and Beverly Smith were the proud owners of a 1948 Plymouth Convertible until they had to sell it when Joe was drafted to serve in the Korean War. Over the years, Joe and Beverly continued to talk about the car and all the great times they had with it. Though their son Joel never got to see the car for himself, the sentiment wasn’t lost on him.
Around the time of Joe and Beverly’s 60th wedding anniversary, someone in the family found old footage from their wedding day. There was the Plymouth Convertible, whisking the newlyweds off. Joel realized how much fun it would be if his parents had the car again — but he soon realized a ’48 Plymouth Convertible would be nearly impossible to find. In fact, there were only four of them. Two of them were sold and one was in a museum. But Joel found the other car for sale in an expired Craigslist ad. He bought it, fixed it up and decided to plan a huge surprise for his beloved parents.
It took a lot of sneaky preparation and a few white lies, but he managed to pull it off brilliantly. “We get the car, drive it up to Delevan,” Joel says. “Stop in the parking lot… I text my son and tell him we’re gonna come up the hill….” Inside Joe and Beverly’s house, Joel’s son quietly turned on an old video camera to capture the rest. “Here comes an old Plymouth convertible,” Joe says, looking out the back window. Little did he know, his life was about to change.
The car will now forever stay in the family and be passed down through generations.
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