Oftentimes people focus on the “cuteness” of a particular outfit for a child, when the primary focus should be safety and comfort.
Case in point is this 2-year-old who received a pair of cute shoes.
She got the cute pink Next jelly sandals which go for around 12 bucks, and then little Esmé Connor put them on and walked around. While they may have looked really cute, the damage they did is far from cute. She suffered deep incisions on her right ankle. She must have been wearing them all day long, right? Wrong. She had them on for 30 minutes.

Even the girls mom explains how shocking it was for the shoes to cause that much damage in so little time:
“It’s not like she was running around in them for hours. She was just plodding around the house and then came running in in tears. There was blood all round her ankle and on the soles of her foot. Of course there will be new shoes that rub, but this is ridiculous.”
As you can see in the photos which were shared on social media, the sandals were very damaging. The mother is warning others and has contacted the retailer regarding the damage
Apparently they will indeed examine the shoes this week. They are currently advertised as “fun jelly sandals for short term wear only.”
The mother describes the agony the child was going through as she was unable to communicate what was going on.
“She was moaning and whining, and I initially put it down to being tired. There was so much blood. Her dad had to spend an hour calming her down. It ruined her birthday weekend really.”
Always put primary focus on safety and comfort, over color and cuteness. Carefully examine the footwear of your child. Immediately pay attention to any discomfort they may experience with new clothing and footwear items.


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