Two female police officers from the Albuquerque Police Department in New Mexico spent about three hours trying to stop a man from jumping over an overpass. And the empathy they showed that day saved his life.
Officer Brandi Madrid was first on the scene before Officer Candace Bisagna showed up. They were both patient as they conversed with the distressed man in hopes of getting him to change his mind. The officers said they spoke to him about his family and what was bothering him.
“The biggest thing is actually listening,” Officer Madrid toldKRQE. “He has a lot to say and a lot to express, so the main thing is taking it all in and listening to what he has to say.”
Eventually, the persistent officers were successful in preventing the man’s suicide (much like the rookie cop who was praised for doing the same for a 12-year-old in California).
But while the cops are relieved they brought the man to safety, they are stunned by some drivers who were being unsympathetic. They now have a message for all the drivers who passed by and screamed shameful remarks out their windows.
“Be compassionate and show a little bit of empathy with his situation,” Officer Bisagna said. “I mean he’s someone’s son, someone’s brother.”
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