Any mom or dad with stroller-aged kids is going to find something useful here. While a stroller’s main use is to make it easier to travel with your baby or small child, the carriage also serves as a great deal of storage for parents on the go. With this awesome video from What’s Up Moms, you’ll learn a handful of new ways to maximize your stroller and fix a few of the common issues you might run into.
Does your carriage tip over when you lift your child out of it because you’ve placed your bag on the handles? Easy. Just add a few ankle weights to the front legs to anchor the carriage down. Do you constantly find milk bottles and sippy cups spilled in the under-seat storage? Simple. Cut a few pockets out of an old shoe organizer, add velcro, and you’ve got a couple of new drink holders. With a few zip ties you can even give your stroller wheels better traction over slippery terrain! These are just a few of the genius stroller hacks in the video below!
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