When a child goes missing, grieving parents will understandably turn to anyone they can in the search for answers. In the shocking video below, you’ll meet the parents of a missing teen from Texas who were inundated with “psychic detectives” after their story went viral. John and Joanne were promised that psychic visions could help bring their 17-year-old daughter home. But critics say these types of promises often result in disappointment and more pain; police are sent on wild goose chases and loved ones are provided with false hope.
Watch what happens when the folks at Inside Edition go undercover during a visit with a clairvoyant who claims to have solved hundreds of missing person cases. The show producer posed as the distraught brother of a missing girl. The psychic charged him $400 as a service fee, but had no idea the fake brother gave her a childhood photo of the Inside Edition reporter herself, who is obviously very much alive and well.
Not only did the psychic say the story was solvable, but she also claimed her sixth sense told her the missing girl was murdered in a violent way. The following day, she sat down with the “missing” reporter to talk about life as a psychic detective — but really, she was about to discover it was all just a set-up as part of the show’s exposé. Her reaction is really something.


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