At a pet store in Taiwan, the cutest little puppy and the cutest little kitten are kept in their enclosures, side-by-side yet unable to see or play with one another. But just when it’s clear the puppy is feeling lonely and calling it a night, his faithful friend beside him decides to pay him a heartwarming visit.
The kitten proceeds to turn into a four-legged action hero, climbing up the partition while the puppy stretches his front legs as high up the glass they can possibly go, just so he can properly greet her. The store’s camera caught theentire interaction on film. Now the footage is going viral, revealing the most touching moment of animal friendship you’ll ever see.
It’s almost too cute to bear, but viewers can’t help but feel a bit sad for these lonely little animals waiting for their forever homes. Thankfully, more and more pet stores in the United States are rescuing animals from shelters, rather than buying them from commercial breeders.
If only more of us had friends like this kindhearted kitten. I absolutely love these two adorable friends.
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