You just never know when some yahoo criminal is going to strike. If we have learned anything in this new, violent world in which we live in, it is too always be on guard and aware of your surroundings. Having personal protection wouldn’t hurt either.
In this case, an off duty police officer is waiting in line to use an ATM. A lone gunman walks up to him, puts a gun to his side and demands he turn over his gold chain and money. The victim, is actually an off duty police officer who is carrying his service weapon.
The officer immediately listens to the gunman, dropping all of his belongings on the ground. As the gunman is picking up the items, the officer walks around a bystander, draws his weapon and fires four shots into the robber. Those four shots ended the hostile situation as well as the life of the robber.
This situation could have turned out much worse as there were many innocent lives at stake in one confined area.


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