Rachel Moore of Brisbane, Australia fell in love with a man named Daryl. At first, he was gentle and patient and for seven years, they were happy. But three years ago, their relationship imploded when Daryl attacked Rachel. Having been a victim of domestic violence in her previous relationship, Rachel knew firsthand that violent behavior only worsens over time. She threw Daryl out and vowed never to be with him again. But Daryl was the father to two of her five kids. For two years, Rachel and Daryl had an amicable relationship for the sake of the children.

On April 11, 2014, Rachel was home with her five kids 14-year-old Jayden, 12-year-old Cameron, 10-year-old Kaylee, 4-year-old Zane, and 2-year-old Samantha when Daryl stormed inside. Immediately, Rachel knew that Daryl was drunk and that her family was in danger. What she didn’t know, however, was that Daryl had a shotgun. As Rachel hid the children in the bedroom, he shot her twice in the arm, causing her to black out.
Daryl was on a mission to murder, but had no idea the physical strength and inner courage about to be unleashed upon him at the hands of these five children…

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This is Rachel Moore, a mother of five from Brisbane, Australia.
On April 11, 2014, Rachel was the victim of a horrific attack at the hands of her ex-partner and father of two of her children.
Were it not for her five heroic children who, at the time, ranged in age from 2 to 14 Rachel would be dead.
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When Rachel was a single mom of three kids, she fell in love with a man named Daryl. She and Daryl were happy for seven years, and had two more children.
But three years ago, life changed forever when Daryl attacked her. A victim of domestic violence from a previous relationship, Rachel vowed never to put herself in that situation again. She threw Daryl out and ended their romantic relationship.
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For the next two years, Rachel raised her five children on her own. Her relationship with Daryl remained amicable until the night Daryl snapped.
Rachel and her kids were home when she heard a car screech into the driveway. She knew it was Daryl, and that he was drunk. He looked possessed.
The terrified mother rushed the children to a bedroom as Daryl stormed inside, armed with a shotgun.
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As Ms Moore and the children hid in the bedroom, Fields fired and struck the mother in her arm twice, which inflicted an horrific injury and caused her to lose consciousness.
As Fields reloaded the gun, the kids sprang into action.
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Cameron, 12, lunged at Fields. He grabbed the gun and ran to hide it outside.
Enraged, Fields tried to attack Rachel again. That’s when 14-year-old Jayden and Cameron punched and choked Fields to the point of unconsciousness.
Two boys took down a man twice their size.
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In the video below, the kids describe the horrific details they witnessed like the sound of Fields’ boots stomping across the floor.
As it turned out, Cameron, Jayden and Kaylee trained in fight choreography and martial arts as part of their acting lessons. Just two weeks before the horrific attack, they were taught the skills used to save his mother’s life.

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If not for their bravery, these kids would no longer have a mother. Together, they saved her life.
Rachel was taken to the hospital where she recovered.
Now, Rachel is sharing her story of domestic violence, because she says it can happen to anyone.



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