ABC 7 Action News reporter Kimberly Craig was turned Good Samaritan when she and a friend happened to drive by a dog in distress. The dog had collapsed on the side of the road, he began vomiting, and spitting up blood. His owner didn’t know what to do. Kimberly pulled over, put the dog in her car, and drove him to get emergency care. The dog’s human told Kimberly she didn’t have the time to take care of the dog named Bosco, so Kimberly eventually brought him to Detroit Dog Rescue.
What happened to Bosco that fateful day? He was having a heatstroke a condition that can be caused outdoors or when a dog is left in a hot car. Just as it is for humans, heatstrokes can cause serious organ damage and can be fatal. Fortunately, Bosco survived thanks to Kimberly’s quick thinking. She put him in her air-conditioned car, doused him in water, and gave him some cool, not cold, drinking water. Bosco will now have permanent liver damage and will require a plasma transfusion, but he will live to tell the tale.
Veterinarians recommend that if a dog is excessively panting and appears to have a bad reaction to the heat, it’s important to seek medical attention ASAP. A dog can suddenly appear fine and then die a couple of days later after enduring a heatstroke.
To learn more about how to spot the warning signs of a heatstroke, please watch the video below.
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