This woman was brought up on 84 criminal charges regarding animal cruelty and neglect, back in 2004.
She failed to provide even the minimum of adequate food and shelter, to dogs, and the few horses she owned. You would figure Kathleen Doenz would still be in jail after all these cruelty violations to animals. Instead she was simply fined and had to surrender her animals to a sanctuary.
This slap on the wrist had serious consequences where even more animals were harmed. In 2006 she was charged with animal cruelty for a second time. Four criminal counts of animal cruelty. Jail time for sure this time, right? Nope. Fined $900 dollars, and ordered to pay $6,300 dollars in restitution.
Now she was given a lifetime ban on owning any animals. The judge called her a “cold blooded serial dog abuser.”

Strong language is fine, but with no jail time, it once again means more animals will be harmed. And wouldn’t you know in 2013 she was busted with mistreating animals at their property again. The search warrant revealed some horrifying scenes. Remember, this woman has a lifetime ban against owning animals and this is how well that was enforced: Authorities found dogs, cats, chickens, and horses all living in sickening conditions.
No access to food and water. No veterinary care whatsoever.
22 dogs, 14 horses, 84 chickens, and 18 ducks were seized. Again, the woman was supposed to have a ban for owning animals! What good is imposing a ban if something of this magnitude happens?
Some of the dogs couldn’t even smell anymore they were living in their own urine and the ammonia was so strong.
This time is was not just Doenz but her mother as well who was charged. Five felonies, five gross misdemeanors, and four misdemeanor counts all related to animal neglect and abuse. Of course she was also in violation of the previous ban she had.
Well, they did get time, finally. Unfortunately, and unbelievably, it was a measly 90 day prison sentence.
At this point, you very well know what happens next, after the 90 days. More animals are abused by Doenz. Naturally she purchased 22 mini horses.
Arrested again, and this time it was a year in prison, and five years probation. Some will say justice has finally been served, but a whole lot of other animal lovers out there no doubt wonder why justice wasn’t served ten years ago when this first started happening.
How many animals need to be harmed before justice finally happens? Sadly everyone knows what will happen once this woman does her year sentence and gets out.


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