We’re used to thinking of those who serve our country, who endure dangerous feats, who use their brilliant minds to stop the most heinous crimes as men and women in blue or those who serve in the military. But not everyone who spends a lifetime in service is a human being. Police K-9s play an important role in keeping us safe every day. They’re some of the smartest creatures in the country, specially trained to sniff out explosives and dangerous contraband in New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
“In our post 9/11 world, the MTAPD’s specialized Canine Unit is a crucial component of the MTA’s overall security strategy. The canine training center will help the MTA honor its commitment to maintain the highest levels of safety and protection for customers, employees and system infrastructure,” MTA chairman Thomas Prendergast told CBS.
The force is so selective, they can train 30 dogs but only accept one of them. But here’s the most brilliant part: the animals love it. For the highly intelligent dogs, work is play. They think they’re playing games all day long and are rewarded with new toys for each task. Dogs as smart as them need a little more stimulation than hanging out in the backyard, so the job is perfect for them!
“My dog, he will get up every 15 minutes all night long and patrol my house, then he’ll sit down and sleep for 15 minutes, and get back up and patrol again. It’s just their nature, that’s the kind of dog we want,” said Lt. John Kerwick.
Watch as one dog is trained to sniff out bombs in a locker. He cunningly figures out exactly where the fake bomb is, but for him, he thinks he’s figured out a puzzle!
“They don’t know they are looking for explosives, and we don’t expect them to. They love to work, more than any human does,” said Lt. John Kerwich said.
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