Anano is lost, hungry, and helpless. The little girl is only 6 years old. You would think this qualifies as enough of a reason to stop and help the poor child. Unfortunately, everyone who walked past her didn’t care one bit. The reason? She looks dirty. In UNICEF’s powerful video, a part of the #FightUnfair campaign, they conduct a heartbreaking social experiment that illuminates the everyday tragedy of impoverished kids.
They put makeup on Anano, who is really a child actress, to make her look like she’s covered in soot. No one stops to help her. When she is put into tidy clothes? Instantly, adults flood to help her find her way. At one point, Anano couldn’t stay in character. The little girl was so upset that people turned her away because of how she looked, they had to stop filming and let her mother comfort her.
“Because my face was covered in soot and my clothes were all dirty. This made me sad,” the 6-year-old said. “They were all telling me to go away.”
What Anano experienced is what millions of children experience every single day. UNICEF hopes that this video will inspire you to treat the less fortunate the same way you might treat luckier children.
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