You know those relationships that just make you feel a million times better about your own, or your lack thereof? Well you’re about to see the cream of the crop here, because there’s no way in hell these two people should have ever been a couple!
In the video you’re about to watch you’ll see a man with his girlfriend arguing outside in a parking lot. The argument is already heated when the video begins as the woman continuously slaps, kicks and punches the guy while screaming, “What the f*** did you do”. Giving him a bit of credit here he stands there and takes it for a while… but then things get ugly.
He beat the sh** out of her, and it doesn’t appear justifiable in the slightest. At that point she’d backed away and was attempting to leave, that should have been the end of it, but it doesn’t appear like he understood that. When a passing woman came to help he ends up assaulting her as well, fearing she held evidence against him on her phone. What a scumbag.


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