For every high schooler in America, there comes that time in science class when your teacher tells you the bad news: “Next time, we’ll be dissecting something.”
For some of us, it was an earthworm, for others, it was frogs, but no matter what it was, just about everyone felt a bit squeamish about the whole affair. With the horrible smell of formaldehyde wafting through the air, and the feeling of sadness upon looking at the deceased animal, this particular class seems to be a right of passage for anyone looking to get a good grade in biology.
But it seems as if our friends in Japan have a similar class, but instead of using something that’s passed away, they actually choose to create life. While it might seem like a hoax, this has actually been proven to be totally confirmed and real! While it’s not true when the video says these students are the “first” to do it, it’s still pretty amazing to see a group of young teenagers having such a great time while learning and while creating life!
Somehow, it’s been discovered how to have a chicken hatch from their egg only without the eggshell! Keeping the yoke safely warmed up in a plastic container, the students can keep a close eye on every stage of the baby chicken’s growing process. Definitely beats cutting open an earthworm if you ask me, and you just have to love the end result!
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