Just a few years ago, setting up security cameras all around your home would have cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. The setup alone was complicated enough, but back in the days when you still used video cassettes, you could really manage to spend a lot of money even after all the hard work was finished up.
But nowadays, with everything in “the cloud” and with cameras being so cheap, it can cost you less than $100 to have a pretty decent security camera package keeping an eye on your home. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but it certainly helps keep a sense of security just in case someone breaks into your home!
But it seems that security cameras seem to pick up way more than just bad guys. From heartwarming moments spent together to silly things your dog does when she thinks no one is watching, these cameras can sometimes manage to get some truly silly events perfectly in frame. And when you watch the video below, you’ll see exactly why it’s going viral!
A cat was happily looking at his reflection in the pool. While we can’t be sure, he might have had a few laps of water, or maybe he’s just waiting for a fish to catch. No matter what, he’s certainly enjoying himself in the calm of an early summer morning.
Suddenly, his big brother sneaks up behind him, and while he doesn’t necessarily push the smaller cat into the pool, it seems like he knows exactly what he’s doing when he touches his tail. What would you do if you thought you were all alone and suddenly something sneaked up behind you to touch your tail!?
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