By Grace Eire

If you’ve ever been to Arlington National Cemetery in person, you know how moving it is. To look at the vast expanse of white headstones of deceased soldiers can be a lot to handle for some people.
Each white headstone still stands tall, in perfect rows, just like the men and women of our military. Looking over the grounds and seeing line after line of headstones spanning over 624 acres and all the way back to the Civil War is going to stir up a lot of emotions for anyone who visits. Standing in the middle of it all, you’re essentially standing in the middle of our nation’s history.
Attending a funeral service here is even more emotional. A military funeral has that extra element attached to it… that factor that reminds us of the great sacrifices these men and women make for the freedoms and beliefs that America stands for.
Ever since the Civil War, “Taps” has been played during military functions. Now, it’s become a key part in honoring a soldier at a military funeral.
Bugle players from the United States Army Band perform this song during these funerals all year long. While it’s a great honor, it’s also an extremely solemn task.
In this moving clip, SSG Jesse Tubb plays through the tune on a lush summer day, followed by SSG Drew Fremder playing it in the middle of a snowfall. It’s a reminder that these guys truly never stop.
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