By Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle

Television show host Steve Harvey is known for his on-air antics. Always expressive and never afraid to voice his opinion, Steve is a fan-favorite all over the country. He didn’t hesitate to show how afraid he was of a guest’s animal friends, and he couldn’t keep it together when talking to his daughter, Karli, about her upcoming marriage. Steve is only human, like you and me, who is sometimes overwhelmed by emotion!
This was particularly true when all seven of his children joined him on stage on his show to surprise him, along with his wife. One by one, the siblings told the audience about a time that made them appreciate their dad the most. But it was when Steve’s stepson, Jason, spoke that finally made the funnyman dissolve into tears… Jason had an important message for Steve, one he needed to make sure he knew, if he didn’t already.
Steve also had a special message for his kids, and wasn’t afraid to let tears flow…
Now watch the clip to see the touching family moment, and tell us what moment in your life makes you appreciate your parents!
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