The Science Channel’s How It’s Made is a truly fascinating show. From candy canes to decorative candles, the fascinating show takes you through the entire process of how various foods and consumer products are made. In the video clip you’re about to see, you’ll learn how hot dogs are made — but I’m warning you, it ain’t pretty.
From the streets of New York City to baseball games all over the country, hot dogs have become an American food staple. In fact, every year, Americans purchase 350 million pounds of hot dogs at retail stores alone! Traditional hot dogs consist of a combination of boneless pork, beef, and chicken. The process of making a hot dog begins with the preparation of “trimmings,” which are pieces of meat leftover from cutting steaks or pork chops. The trimmings are then ground up… and, well… I’ll leave it up to you to watch the rest of the process below. Yikes!
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