Are you ready to checkout the “Big Wind”, aka the most insane fire truck you’ve ever seen?
Turns out this thing was originally designed by engineers as use for a mass decontamination of Cold War-era tanks given that a
chemical, biological, radio-logical or nuclear attack was going down. But now it serves a different purpose. It actually is used to put out oil-well fires!
So it’s part tank and part jet. It’s part T-34 tank and then two parts MiG 21 jet engine. To operate there are three crewmen needed. The driver, the controller, and the fire chief. Naturally the driver is inside steering and stopping, while the controller is in the rear running the engines and water jets. Meanwhile, the fire chief is walking about 15 feet away and he’s the one who orders the two people inside, using a remote control.
When the water gets turned on, you get a massive blast from six nozzles which mix in with the jet exhaust creating an incredible stream that moves at a max rate of 220 gallons of water per second! Apparently that amount comes out to be twice what a typical household uses in water for a 24 hour period!


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