Most People Don't Even Know About This Breed Of Cats...But We Are Completely OBSESSED!

Ask any pet lover and they'll tell you that the only thing cuter than a cat, is a kitten. That is, until they see one of these cats.
The cutest cat breed on earth, just happens to be, Munchkins! And you don't even have to go to OZ to find them. There is no doubt in my mind, and if you don't take my word for it, all you have to do is look at these photos!
When it comes to adorable cats, they don't make 'em any cuter than the Munchkin breed.

This little, bitty breed of kitty starts life as a waddling, tottering bundle of fluff.

Munchkins are born with extremely short little legs, thanks to genetics

Have we mentioned that their kittens are absolutely precious too?

They are as cute as a button and very curious little cats!

Each kitty seems to say "I need a cuddle!"
There is no way you can look at that little face and NOT want to give him a squeeze!

In the 1990's Munchkins enjoyed a surge of popularity

And today their fan base is continuing to grow.

I mean... can you blame them?

Just feast your eyes on this little guy!

I don't believe I'll ever get tired of looking at these tiny darlings. Cute things definitely come in small packages after all.
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