By Barbara Diamond

Behold, the internet’s most hilarious new video. Seriously, by the end of this I was crying tears of laughter and I guarantee you’ll be doing the same.
Meet Candace, a mother of two from Grand Prairie, Texas. It was Candace’s birthday recently, and so she decided to treat herself to a day of shopping at her local Kohl’s. While browsing the aisles, she stumbled across the ultimate children’s toy. But I won’t give it away. Thrilled by her discovery, Candace bought the item not for her son (who she says will end up borrowing it anyway, but for herself as a birthday gift).
When she got back into her car, Candace set up her camera and decided to try on her new toy and film the results. It takes a few minutes for her to build up to the big reveal, but trust me — it’s more than worth the wait. What happened next is so funny that it instantly went viral with millions of views and counting.
“It’s the simple joys in life,” Candace writes in her video’s description — and she couldn’t have said it any better.
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