By Paul Morris

While some people might think it’s silly, there really are angels among us every single day of the year — all you have to do is know where to look!
Quintin Conway is just a normal guy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be an angel for someone out there in the world! He was having a particularly rough day at work, and he admits that he was busy feeling sorry for himself, but that’s when he looked out of the window of his truck.
Right in that moment of self-pity, he saw a 60-year-old woman sitting alone in her car reading a book. She looked lonely and sad, but things got even more emotional for Conway when he realized she was completely bald.
Now he doesn’t know for sure what was going on in that woman’s life, but he made the assumption that it must be something pretty big, and right at that moment, Conway got the sudden urge to give that lady a small gift.
He went back into the store he was just in, still cranky and mad at his job, but he got that lady a present and said something to her that proves there must be angels in the world. He might not have wings, but he’s got a big heart!
While he didn’t want to film the video at first, we’re sure glad he did. Since then, it’s gotten over 3 million views, and it should really remind us all to put things in perspective. Some of our problems might be bigger than others, but we should always do our best to give a smile to someone else who might be hurting, just so they can do the same for the next person they meet.
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