By Giovanna Boldrini
Candace Payne, a mother of two from Grand Prairie, Texas decided to treat herself to a day of shopping at her local Kohl’s store. She had just celebrated a birthday, so she felt a small gift to herself was in order. While browsing the aisles, she happened upon a children’s toy that she decided to buy as a gift for herself. Before she even left that parking lot, she found herself so tickled with her gift that she needed to record a live video of herself wearing it in the Kohl’s parking lot.
Candace captioned the video “the simple joys in life.” And boy, was she right!
That video turned out to be viral gold. If you’ve been on Facebook within the last 48 hours, you’ve likely seen it, but if you haven’t, you can watch the laughing Chewbacca mom here! 
Major media (including LittleThings) swiftly picked up on Candace’s infectious laughter and shared her video. Viewers of the video rushed to Kohl’s to pick up the laughter-inducing mask, so Kohl’s decided to thank Candace for the complimentary advertising by showing up at her house and giving her a very big gift.
Please SHARE Kohl’s sweet thank you to Candace with all of your friends if you believe that it’s the little things and the simple joys in life that matter the most!



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