How often do we judge people without knowing exactly what's going on in their lives, or what kind of problems they're going through? Sometimes it's difficult to feel empathy for others and dig just that bit deeper. 
A doctor arrived at the hospital. He was urgently called to the operating room for a very serious case: a child had just been in a major accident. The doctor immediately got scrubbed, but before he could enter the room, he ran into the child's father who cried, "Why did you come so late? Why? Don't you know that my son's life is in danger? You have no sense of responsibility!" The doctor smiled and very calmly replied, "I'm sorry, I was not at the hospital. I was somewhere else, but I came as soon as I could. Now, calm down and let me do my job."

But the child's father continued to press him, "Calm down? How would you feel if this was your son? Calm, peaceful?" The doctor smiled again and said, “Doctors can't always perform miracles but, do not worry. I will do everything possible for your son." The father, not satisfied with these words, muttered, "It's easy to give advice when you're not personally involved.”
The operation lasted a few hours. Eventually, the doctor came out of the operating room with a satisfied look and told the father, "The operation was successful and your son is now out of danger." Without waiting for the father's response, he looked at his watch and ran away whilst calling out behind him, "If you want to know more, ask the nurse!" The father angrily turned to the nurse and asked, "Is he always like this? How arrogant! He couldn't wait a few more minutes to tell me more about the state of my son?”
The nurse, with tears in her eyes, replied, "His son died yesterday in a car accident and he was at the funeral when we called him for the surgery. Now that your son is out of danger, the doctor is going to the burial of his own son.”
What a moving reminder to never judge by appearances and to try to have more understanding towards others, even when they're strangers. If this touched you, share this message with your friends.



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