The struggle is real, you understand. Remember those moments when you go out in the sun and your skin starts peeling off? That’s called sunburn, and you never really want to experience it. Sunburn makes your skin very uncomfortable, sometimes going on for days or even weeks. But that’s not to say that you can’t really do anything about it. NO!
You see, there are so many products sold and marketed as dealing with the effects of sunburn, but you’ll quickly agree that they don’t always work. In fact, some of these can’t cure some affected areas on your skin. They might just get rid of the discomfort but the skin remains ugly. You don’t want that, and that’s why these two ladies have come up with a great way to beat this sunburn problem once and for all!
They have a YouTube channel, HealthyTreasures, and that’s where this great video was first posted. Their trick? Just two things: peppermint and lavender. The mixture helps sooth your skin and cures even the most “notorious” burns. You can’t miss this!
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