By Brett Myers

As time goes on, the world’s interests and tastes are obviously going to change. From the ’50s to now, we’ve gone from poodle skirts and leather jackets to high-top sneakers and graphic T-shirts. And the same applies to music.
If we didn’t have doo-wop music, we wouldn’t have rock and roll. If we didn’t have rock and roll, we wouldn’t have any of the music we have now. And no matter your opinion of modern pop culture, we have to remember where everything came from and pay homage. And who better to pay homage to thanthe king of rock and roll?!
Though kids these days may not have him on their iPhones or iPods, Elvis Presley is one of the most iconic names, looks, and voices ever to grace American radio. Back in his day, his tunes brought everyone to their feet and even left many of his crazed female fans fainting. It was a simpler time when music wasn’t as loud and intense as it is now. His songs were short, sweet, and simple: the way music should be!
For your daily dose of nostalgia, we’ve brought you an awesome video from 1956 of Elvis performing his hit song “Blue Suede Shoes.” However, it’s not just any regular performance. The video below is actually a screen test, which the public rarely ever sees. Take a look and enjoy the king at his finest!
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