By Jess Catcher

Music is one of the best ways to share fun memories with your kids. I don’t have any children myself, but I love singing to my nephew before his bedtime and seeing his precious face light up. Sure, sometimes he has to hear the same silly song two or three (or four) times in a row before he’ll let us put him in his crib at night, but the repetitive lyrics don’t bother me one bit.
That’s why I love seeing parents share their own passion for music with their little ones. Watching as they find their own way to have fun with a tune or figure out a new instrument is always priceless — even if they do tend to get a bit distractedfrom time to time. In fact, that makes it all the more charming when you can see their personality shining through!
And if there’s one thing the little lady in this clip has a ton of, it’s personality. Amelia joins her dad, Matt Silverman, for another adorable duet. You might remember their previous musical collaboration with Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance,” but this time the duo tackle a tune from way back in the ’80s. Putting their own spin on “Take On Me” by A-Ha, Amelia takes the opportunity to try out some of her pop’s instruments, share her toys with him, and shows off her sweet singing voice.
Matt’s not too shabby with the vocals, either, managing to hit the super-high notes that help make the song extra catchy.
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