By Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle

We take many of our faculties and abilities for granted in our everyday lives. Listening to music and singing are perhaps two of humanity’s greatest joys, and are even unique to us.
Luckily, sign language is there to help the deaf listen to music. Members of the ASL community can appreciate the same rhythm and beat you and I effortlessly hear through translations, such as this amazing one of Grease‘s “You’re The One That I Want.”
A woman named Tina is an ASL interpreter, and her husband, Paul, has learned sign language to help her with “singalong” projectsThe incredible couple signs popular songs together, like this duet, and the result is phenomenal! They both show unbelievable dedication to their cause, but they don’t hesitate to have fun. And they’re only two people in a growing number of folks who are finding ways to show how much they care! Now, more people are aware of the importance of ASL in non-deaf groups, and the language is even being taught in colleges.
Now watch the clip to see this fun couple sign the hit duet!
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