By Paul Morris

When some tiny kittens showed up on the doorstep of a local shelter, it became quickly apparent why these little babies were being abandoned in the worst way imaginable.
Still covered in the amniotic fluid, and still connected to their umbilical cords, these three scared babies had no chance at life. It became clear that whoever abandoned these kittens had no interest in even trying to give them a chance at life and probably wanted the shelter to put them down.
When a volunteer at the shelter saw the three babies, she saw that they were all in pretty bad shape. They were born with pretty bad leg disfigurements and nursing them back to health would be an uphill battle. The woman, along with her amazing little granddaughter, decided that this was a battle worth fighting!
They took the box of kittens home and began to feed them some nice warm milk. It was time to rescue some kittens!
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We sure need more people like them in the world!

Someone left three adorable baby kittens to die at their local shelter. All of their legs were twisted under them, but that didn’t mean they didn’t deserve a chance at being happy!

But instead of giving up on these tiny lives, Grandma and her little granddaughter decided that they were going to give these babies a fighting chance.

Unfortunately, one of the little babies didn’t make it through the first night. But the two others seemed to be going on strong! Pretzel was a fighter and loved to let out defiant squeaks as often as possible. And her little sister, Curly Sue, was doing her best as well.

Sadly, Curly Sue eventually passed on as well. She just didn’t have the strength in her to keep going. After the whole family grieved, though, they saw that Pretzel was going to make it. Despite all of the odds, she was going to grow up to be an adult cat.
Eventually, Pretzel managed to get herself adopted by a new forever family. She loves to play and doesn’t even know that she’s a cat with “special needs.”
As for Grandma and her granddaughter; they’re back at the shelter helping out as many animals as they can handle.
We sure need more people like them in the world!
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