Sleep makes up about a third of our entire lives, yet a lot of us struggle when it comes to doing it well.  The Better Sleep Council reports that 8 out of every 10 Americans say that they would “feel better and more prepared for the day if they had an extra hour of sleep.”  
I’ve had numerous friends gawk at me when I tell them that I regularly get about 8 hours of sleep each night.  Why?  Because they tend to only get 6 hours a night on average simply due to how busy they are.
But a recent study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that many of our traditional problems with sleep can be remedied by sleeping with our furry companions.  
Of the 150 patients surveyed on sleep habits, 56 percent of them said they shared their bed (or bedroom) with their pets.  Out of these people, 20 percent said that their pets kept them from sleeping, while 41 percent said that having them nearby actually helped them to sleep better.
Single people in particular reported improved sleeping ability when sharing their bed with their pet.  
The researchers wrote:
Respondents described feeling secure, content and relaxed when their pet slept nearby. The value of these experiences, although poorly understood, cannot be dismissed because sleep is dependent on a state of physical and mental relaxation.”
So, if you’re struggling to fall asleep or have been suffering from a taxing case of insomnia, try cuddling up next to your favorite furry companion and see if they’ll help you doze off into la-la land.


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