Have you ever imagined living in a world without pets? For sure it would be a boring one. Pets can be very entertaining by just watching at them. But the most interesting thing of them is that they have this high capacity of imitating what we do just like the small children imitate us. In the video below, I bet you will be more than surprised to see what this cat does when he wants to enter the house.
I bet that the cat was finding it hard to enter the house when it felt like because the door was always closed. But as they say necessity is the mother of solution, the cat decided to end the hardship by learning to let the owners open the door for him. To do this, this cat learned to knock the door like a person. In the clip, you can see how he knocks the door with his front left leg.
Wow, it is so amazing to see a cat do such a thing. Personally I have never seen a cat do that. This is another evidence that cats are intelligent animals.
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