#1 Tattoo Scar Cover-Ups
Tattoos are not just about looking cool or being rebellious. They actually can serve a purpose. Covering up unsightly scars with designs makes the wearer feel better, and heal better emotionally.

#2 Permanent Reminder

Scars can be psychological crutches as they recall the situation a person has been through. Covering it up can help them move forward.
#3 A Survivor
By replacing the scar with a strong tattoo image, this can propel people towards moving forward, rather than always being reminded of the past.
#4 Beautiful Mom
Mothers who have gone through C-sections are great candidates for having their scars covered with something beautiful!
#5 Self Inflicted
Those who have imposed self inflicted wounds on their bodies, like cutters, are seeking to move forward from their destructive behavior by using tattoos to cover up their past.
#6 No Longer Broken
Broken bone scars are great for cover ups as well.
#7 Beautiful Reminder
You can still remember your past, but in a more beautiful way.


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