Slinkachu is an installation artist whose work focuses on the tiny details that we oftentimes miss in our day to day lives.
This isn’t another graffiti artist or large scale sculpture artist trying to make a grandiose statement. Slinkachu’s work is all about small spaces and this requires you to look very closely. Then you become rewarded with these unique culture jamming works of art.
He takes miniature figurines from train sets and with the help of some superglue, Slinkachu creates these amazing little scenes that most people will pass by in their frenzied day to day lives and never spot. Thankfully he photographs these works, giving us an overall perspective, then providing a close up of the actual installation. It’s not the setup and staging, nor the photography taking that is the most difficult aspect of implementing his work, it’s the other passerby humans who continually stop and ask him why he is on the ground taking a picture of what seems to be nothing more than a some pieces of garbage.

Check out the incredible work of Slinkachu and enjoy his form of tiny street art which hide throughout the city.

You’re looking at a Slinkachu piece right now. Do you see it?

You just have to look very closely.

Slinkachu describes his installation work as “abandoning little people on the streets since 2006.”

How adorably summery is this?

At first, you might think you are looking at garbage …

But if you look closely, you’re looking at art.

Even the Bank of London gets Slinkachu’s treatment.

This piece is making a commentary on the bank itself.

But most of his pieces are about regular people going about their days.

Like this pensive man contemplating the scenery.

This 2014 piece, “Foraging,” was aptly named.

Can you imagine walking by and noticing this?

Slinkachu’s tiny people carry about in the business center.

Even getting bored in meetings.

They spend the day in the park.

And even do some of their own street art.

Slinkachu makes a commentary on the art industry in the 2013 piece, “Why is it so hard to find a job?”


But the tiny people still have time for recreational activities.

Like this incredible, tiny alpine skier.

Be sure to this tiny photography with your friends!


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