Swimming instructor Angela Shymanski was driving home with her two children, Lexi and Peter.
Feeling exhausted, she felt herself doze off while driving. Her eyes shut for just one second, but within that second her world would end up drastically changing.


The car suddenly swerves off road and ends up careening off a 12 meter cliff. Then the car crashes into a tree. The young 3-month-old Peter is screaming. Little 5-year-old Lexi awakens with luckily only a few scratches. But the mother is unconscious at the wheel. They are at the bottom of a cliff, completely out of sight. The situation looks extremely bleak. Nevertheless, little Lexi decides to take action.
She gets out of the wrecked car then actually climbs up the very treacherous cliff. An amazing feat for an adult let alone a 5-year-old. She quickly flags down a car and soon firefighters are on their way. When they arrive they realize the only way to get down the cliff to the car is by rope. Remember, this is the same cliff that little Lexi somehow scaled in her bare feet! The mother and child are then airlifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital.
The mother’s back was broken. Baby Peter had brain swelling. But they were all alive, thanks to little Lexi. The mom is still in disbelief at what her daughter did. “It’s crazy! You can hardly even open the child seat she was in. It’s amazing what Lexi did and we’re eternally grateful and proud of it.”

Really incredible what Lexi did during a period of no doubt complete shock and total horror over what had just happened. Share this miraculous story of a how a 5-year-old girl saved her mother and brother from certain death. 


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