Jogging is something that is considered as very healthy thing to do which helps in keeping you fit! Most of the people who like fitness sessions or are trying really hard to be fit, include jogging in their fitness sessions! But what if I tell you that jogging has harmed a girl so badly that you wouldn’t even imagine! She didn’t thought that when she goes out for jogging something this bad could happen to her but it did and she was badly injured after that!
So basically what happened was this woman went out for a good jogging session, she missed out one step and eventually fell on the floor very hardly! But that wasn’t it, she also hit her head with a stone which caused a large bump on her head! She thought that it was just a normal bump that anyone could get after falling so badly on the floor, but no this wasn’t the case!
After ignoring the lump on her head, the woman got worried! Because the lump that she thought would go away with time wasn’t going away and was there forever! So then she realized that there was something definitely wrong, and that’s what made her to go and visit a doctor so that she would know that what exactly was wrong with her and especially she was worried that why the lump wasn’t reducing with time! Because obviously as we all know that a normal lump would go away in 4 to 5 days!
So when she decided to go to the doctor and by the time she reached there, she was looking so horrible because of the large and disgusting lump on her head! After taking a proper check up of the woman, the doctors advised her that her lump would only go away if she agrees to take out the fluid from the lump! To which she agreed and the doctors started operating her! It was a painful procedure although the woman was given certain pain killers and so that it would decrease the intensity of the pain!
After that the woman was shifted to the surgery room, the surgery wasn’t that much prolong because it was a very short surgery but it was to be done with so much care and precaution because the lump was at that part where doctors couldn’t take any risk and no matter what they couldn’t afford any harm to the head because that would intensify the pain, and when she was taken to the operation room, doctors started operating her by inserting a big syringe!
The doctors inserted a big syringe inside the lump! But it wasn’t like a single insertion of syringe, it was more or less like when people take Botox injections and how the very small part of the syringe is inserted into the skin, and that is what the doctors were doing, they inserted small part of the syringe into the swelling area and the fluid starts extracting!
Initially when the syringe was inserted into the swelling area the fluid was very much thin! But it was bloody! And so because of the characteristic of being very thin the fluid was being extracted very much easily. The initial fluid was getting out very easily but there was a very thick liquid left inside her! And so the doctors inserted the full syringe inside the lump so that the viscous liquid could be extracted! But even after that the fluid didn’t come out completely the doctors started to squeeze it with hands!
The entire process was very much disgusting and obviously painful. Although the doctors still tried their best to help the lady to alleviate the pain! The surgery went pretty smooth and they were able to reduce the lump. Watch the video to see the live operation on NEXT page.
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