What all would you do with a half-a-million dollars?
Would you go on a long vacation, put it all into savings or do you have something else in mind? Well this is a guy that decided he wanted to spend almost that amount on plastic surgery.

Rodrigo Alves is a Brazilian airline steward who has spent a large portion of his life trying to turn himself into a living Ken doll with the help of a lot of doctors and a lot of plastic… surgery. Recently he was admitted to the hospital however, and it turns out that his addiction (42 different cosmetic surgeries) may cost him the looks he spent $400,000 to gain.

After another surgery on his nose, it turned out his body wasn’t happy with the idea and began to reject it. This caused necrosis of the flesh and a hole appeared in his nose. If he doesn’t get it removed it could spread to the rest of his body too, I wonder which is more important to him, life or looks?
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