It’s stories like this that can really bring out the hypochondriac in people, because the worst cases always seem to come out from the most miniscule things. Jude had to learn that lesson the hard way and you’ll never believe where it came from in the first place!

Jude was always a fan of tanning beds; and why wouldn’t she be when it’s a widely common practice all over the globe? Ever since she was 13 she visited salons to get her tan on about three times a week – that’s eleven years now! But she didn’t stop there, as her wedding came up she started going 6-7 times a week for a 20-minute session each day.
The damage to her skin was worsening, and by the time she was 26 she could see wrinkles and then suddenly, a sore on her nose.
The sad part about this is when it burst, and she only assumed she’d popped something only mildly unpleasant.
After a month of healing she thought it was gone for good, only for it to burst once again – and she immediately understood what was going on.
It was cancer, and it needed to be removed lest she lost the rest of her face.
She developed skin cancer on her nose from the constant radiation of the tanning sessions she attended and required a skin graft from her chest to replace what she was going to be losing.
Luckily all she’s left with is a couple scars, one on her nose and the other on her chest where they took the graft from, but things could have ended much worse.
There’s a reason it’s not advised to go tanning as much as Jude did.
If you’re not convinced then check out the video below, but you should know that Jude herself now applies sunblock and regularly protects herself from the sun – you should too!



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