The sweet potato (also called a yam) isn't well known everywhere in the world, but in certain circles it's been treasured for a long time. Originally from Central and South America, this root vegetable has now spread around the world. And research shows that it's a good thing more people are eating these guys. because they have loads of healthy properties:

1). Low glycemic index 
Even though sweet potatoes have a higher concentration of calories than their white or yellow "sisters," they have a lower glycemic index. This index determines how fast the blood sugar levels rise in your body. A low index number means that the energy from the food is more slowly and evenly released. So you won't have a "sugar crash" where you are suddenly completely exhausted. The complex carbohydrates in these tubers is a great long-lasting source of energy.
2.) Lots of vitamins
Sweet potatoes also have a lot of vitamin B1, vitamin c, and calcium. If you compare it to a regular potato, there is also much more fiber, potassium (good for preventing cramps), protein, and phosphorus. Phosphorus speeds up your metabolism and can help lower your cholesterol levels.
3.) Starches
The best thing about sweet potatoes is that they store starches. Since these starches can't be absorbed by your intestines, they bind with fats and sugars. This means that they will be metabolized slower, giving you a longer-lasing feeling of being full, more energy, and keeping your blood sugars regular. This can help you loose weight and gives you more energy to be active.

If that's not enough reason to try these sweet things, I don't know what is. The sweet potato should definitely be on the menu for your summer swimsuit diet!


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