Can we freeze everything? We don’t have all the answers to that question but we can give you some with these foods. I would have never thought of these ones. We could leave them in the freezer and eat them later.

1. Eggs
The expiry date is coming and your egg box is still half full. In recipes, we usually need eggs just 2 at a time. So, the best way to freeze them is to make “teams" of two eggs. Mix them together without whisking too much to limit bubbles as much as possible. You can use your blender, but make sure to use the slower setting for just 2-3 seconds. When your eggs are mixed, pour them into a freezer bag and close it, removing as much of the air as you can. Place it in your freezer and when you need it, stir it a bit or put it quickly under warm water. If you don’t have a bag, you can put them in a muffin mould or ice tray. But remember of how many eggs you put together in each hole!
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 2. Lemon and orange
Cut slices of your favorite citrus fruit and put them into a muffin mould or in a traditional ice tray (in that case, cut pieces, no slices). Fill them up with water. This trick is especially good for cooling down water or fruity cocktails instead of using normal ice cubes. You could also add some mint if you like.
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3. Herbs
Chop your herbs if you like - but you don’t have to - and put them into an ice tray. Fill them up with olive oil without adding water, then freeze. Throw one in a pan with your meat or veggies.
4. Grapes
This is THE best tip when your white wine or rosé is not cold enough! Instead of adding ice cubes - sacrilege! - put some frozen grapes into it, the same color as your wine. That will provide a chic style to your glass!
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5. Ketchup
How many times did I throw away my ketchup because I didn’t have anything to eat with it? Just pour the rest of your sauce into a silicone ice tray. Next time a pasta sauce will be on the menu, use just the number of cubes you need!
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6. “Hot" water
To have nice and transparent ice cubes is not so easy. For that, you will have to boil water twice in a clean pan, with a cover. Do not use a kettle because the water will take all the tartar and dust from it. Let it cool down and pour into the ice tray. Cover with a transparent film. You will see a huge difference!
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I think my favorite tricks are the ones with lemons and grapes. I always forget to make ice cubes and I find this solution really clever! I'm going to go right now and put some in the freezer. And if I don’t use them as ice cubes, I can make some smoothies with them!


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