When someone gets a makeover, it can be an emotional process. Sure, the changes are physical, but the reasons for the change can have underlying emotional causes. It’s pretty amazing when a physical change results in an unexpected catharsis.
When 64-year-old Brenda Macy received an “Ambush Makeover” from TODAY,it was her husband who had the surprisingly emotional reaction. Brenda was selected from a crowd of fans in the plaza to receive a surprise makeover on the program from hairstylist Louis Licari and stylist Jill Martin, and both the results and reaction are breathtaking.
Brenda was open to big changes, so Louis dyed her hair for the first time ever, and cut over a foot of hair off, which Brenda later donated. A new outfit with a leopard-print shirt and leather jacket that Jill styled completed this dramatic makeover, and gave Brenda a much younger look.
Even more dramatic than the makeover was her husband Hershel’s reaction to it! After he removed his blindfold to see the big change, Hershel was stunned. “It takes me back 20 years,” he said, before welling up with tears.
It’s so sweet to see how happy he was for his wife!
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