One day the Hope For Paws received an emergency call telling them that a person drove into a neighborhood and threw three dogs out of the car. He also left them a bag of bread hoping that that would be enough for them to survive. That was a little hypocritical! If he cared so much he should’ve found them a suitable home, and not just dump them in the street!
When the people from the Hope for Paws arrived on the spot they found Charlie, the male dog, hiding under the car, and they tried to lure him out with a cheeseburger. Then, they found Nessie and Dee-Dee hiding in the bushes, looking terrified!
What they immediately noticed was that both female dogs recently had puppies! So the owner probably just wanted to sell the puppies for profit, and didn’t want to spend any time or money caring about the parents. It was good for business.
The volunteers from the organization managed to get these wonderful pooches to trust them, and they could put leashes around their necks. Charlie, Nessie, and Dee-Dee are finally happy and healthy dogs again and they are waiting for adoption! Please watch this video and consider giving a home to these gorgeous pups!



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