Pregnancy is a beautiful phase but at the same time it is that time of your life when you have to be extra careful and cautious about everything that you do. You need to make sure that you walk carefully so that you don’t slip. You need to sit with a lot of carefulness so that you don’t bend too much on your belly. Along with many other things, the one thing that can cause most harm to you is a vehicle accident. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 32,800 pregnant women are injured due to accidents.

So you must at all times ensure that your travel in your car is according to safety standards. Given ahead, are some of the ways in which you can ensure safety of your child and yourself.

 Buckle up
According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the shoulder belt must be worn across the chest while the lap belt must be placed under the belly and never across it.

 Avoid driving
As much as possible, you must avoid driving. Let someone else drive to wherever you wish to go because as the belly size increases it makes it even more dangerous and prone to heading into the crash first.

 Keep away from the steering wheel
Whenever you have to drive, tilt your seat backwards and keep your abdomen away from the wheel. Also position the wheel upwards towards your chest away from the abdomen.

 Don’t lean forward
Keep your seat tilted back in such a way that you don’t create pressure on the belly. So in a moment of crash, your body will take longer to lean forward giving time to the airbags to open up.\

 Wear a shoulder-lap belt
Wear the shoulder-lap belt as much as possible. Avoid just the lap belt. The shoulder one will prevent you from foaling forward in time of a crash.

In time of a collision

 Call your doctor straightaway. You doctor will be in a position to guide you through the best way to safety and will call you in to have your baby’s heartbeat checked. 

 Do not depend on whether or not you feel like you’re injured. There may be an internal injury which you may not be aware of.

The Air-bags

 Having the combination of airbags and seat belt is the safest option for an expecting mother.
 However it is not safe for her to rest against the side airbags compartment as it may deploy suddenly causing harm to the baby.



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