Snapchat has become a very common social media sharing app in which you can click snaps of almost ANYTHING and send it to your contacts. Turns out, some people go instant psycho when it comes to clicking snaps and they will upload almost everything they see. It could outright disgusting, embarrassing and weird, but that's how these people roll. 

Check out some Snapchats that people have clicked that are completely insane.

1. Walk of shame snapchat.

A Guy dropped a woman off at her home after drinking and hooking up with her the previous night. Clearly, she does not remember much of the night, because she was super drunker and then she went back home with her walk of shame.

2. Clearly, this woman didn't go home the previous night.

3. Awkward one night stand.

Woman Snapchats posts fun selfie with a random hookup the previous night. The disgust in her face depicts what an awful decision she made.

4. This woman didn't even take proper care to get dressed before going out.

5. Next weird hookup selfie.

6. When this guy hooked up with his best friend's ex girlfriend.

Oh yes and he decided to take a selfie before hurrying his ass out of there.

7. This bridesmaid who did something wild last night.

8. Can't believe this actually happens!

Poor lady!

9. When you have no idea with whom you hooked up last night.



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