#8. Forced smile
Most girls keep smiling without any reasons and that usually creeps the guy out! 

#7. Madam smarty-pants
They pretend like they know EVERYTHING. You name it and she knows it!

#6. Uncomfortable-alert
Well I’ve personally seen a lot of girls assuming uncomfortable things and apologizing unnecessarily like “Oh did that bother you? I am soo sorry!”

#5. Endless confusion
The “should I get this or that” look on her face. Honestly woman just orders something!!

#4. Topics of conversation
“Okay so let’s start with introducing ourselves and then maybe we can move on to likes and dislikes?” It is not an interview!

#3. Fashionistas
Can’t walk in heels but have to wear ‘em! Honestly just wear what you’re comfortable in! Confidence is much better than being over loaded with accessories.

#2. Excuses
It may be his first date with you but it is definitely not his first date in his life. So when you make stupid excuses to leave they know you’re lying.

#1. No punctuality


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