We all have our own emotional capacities. We can only take things to a limit. No matter how much we love someone some of the things they say, can really hurt a lot. Especially when you compare the emotional strength of men and women, women and much more sensitive than men. So if you don’t wish to hurt your lady love then make sure you don’t say any of the following things.

 You are good for nothing
Calling someone good for nothing means undermining their value. This one simple line can bring down a person’s entire self worth and make them feel really small. They begin feeling that no matter what they say or do for you it will never be enough.

 You look horrible
Never judge a book by its cover. Her self-respect and confidence depends on how you treat her. The day you start commenting on her looks like this, she begins to feel really lowly and that her love for you has lesser importance than her looks.

 You are a poor partner
A poor partner is someone who has never done anything for you and always hurts your feelings without caring for your emotions. So if you tell her that she is a poor partner, then you are being the poor partner by hurting her feelings.

 Why do you keep crying all the time
What kind of a question is this anyway? A person who is sensitive and emotional will also feel your pain and emotions much better. And if she cries in front of you then it only means that she trusts you and knows she can be open in front of you. By asking her this you are taking away that support from her.

 That girl is so hot 
It is okay to find someone good looking. It is okay to tell you girlfriend that once or twice. But you can’t keep saying it again and again and not expect her to get bothered. She loves you and wants you to make her feel like you don’t ogle at others like that.



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