The word ‘superfood’ gets tossed around a lot these days to describe foods that are supposedly really healthy for you.  Avocado is one of the foods often mentioned and with good reason.  
Not only is the fruit part of the avocado great for you, but the avocado seed is great for you as well.  Packed with a myriad of health benefits, try saving your avocado seeds next time you find yourself cutting into one, it might just save your life.
Here are five great reasons to start saving and eating your avocado seeds:
Full of antioxidants
While the avocado fruit might get most of the attention, its seed is where 70 percent of its antioxidants are found.  These antioxidants help the body in a variety of different ways, including the neutralization of free radicals, which have ties to many different diseases as well as obesity.
High fiber content
The avocado seed has an incredibly high soluble fiber content, averaging more soluble fibers than most foods that exist on Earth today.
They can help ease digestion
In South America, the avocado seed has been used for several generations as a treatment solution for dysentery and gastrointestinal tract problems.  The seed helps reduce inflammation, prevent ulcers and can help get rid of constipation.  Additionally, it has antibacterial properties and helps fight viral diseases and infections.
Anti-cancer properties
Avocado seeds contain flavonol, which is a very strong antioxidant that helps prevent, and even reduce, tumor growth.  Science journal Pharmaceutical Biology found evidence that the avocado fruit, as well as its seed, helped rid the body of leukemia cells.
They’re good for heart health
Because the avocado seed has high levels of dietary fiber, it’s a natural choice for lowering cholesterol because it stops cholesterol from being absorbed by the blood.  It has also been seen to reduce plaque, which is known to cause heart attacks and strokes.


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