Kids see the world differently to us adults, which is usually considered a good thing. But some of these drawings suggest we should be pretty concerned about what’s going on in those little brains…

#1. This kid really, really likes the, er, BEACH.

#2. And what exactly did this boy get up to at school today?

#3. 5-year-old Antonia definitely has an artistic future ahead of her.

#4. And this is the danger of asking children to illustrate lovely story books.

#5. This kid saw a side to Buzz Lightyear that we must’ve missed in the movies…

#6. It’s Jesus washing his disciples feet, obviously.

#7. This heartfelt (yet aggressive) letter from Brooke to her mom.

#8. Mom and Dad just love that late-night wrestling.

#9. Graham has big plans.

#10. And then there’s this kid who loves their mom just how she is.

#11. His dad is the best cook ever, and he has an awesome hat, too.

#12. It’s a lighthouse, obviously. What did you think it was?

#13. Always look at the big picture.

#14. Well, technically she’s not wrong.

#15. There is such a thing as being too honest.



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